Beauty Salon and Spa Why Should You Visit One

Beauty has dependably been revered both by people. It is important to be lovely and it helps in adding to advance of a person to an expansive degree. However, there is a contention with regards to the way that who can be called beautiful and who can’t. It is often argued on the off chance that it is on the right track to take after famous people as a symbol of beauty. The term beauty is often misrepresented. It is pivotal to seem hygienic and attractive with a specific end goal to have a place with the general public. You will regularly observe people having a place with exemplary expert foundation and huge sharing resources are feeling let down in light of the fact that they are a failure to introduce themselves properly. Proper representation of one’s own self is indispensable since that ushers in both confidence as well as gracefulness. There are a number of beauty and hair salons in Canada by and by that is well-suited at giving people with their share of beauty.

Beauty salon services include a progression of cosmetic treatments for the two people and can also include a couple of therapeutic treatments. Kinds of service gave by salons include foot care, skin care, manicure, massages and hair removal treatment. Hair salons give benefits in the pretense of hair cut, steaming, hair conditioning, hair styling and hair extension. Extended service of spa and salons include oxygen treatment, mud shower, pressure point massage, fragrant healing and meditation. Facials gave by excellence salon in Canada is also of greater quality and are as varied as bio lift facial, gold facial, collagen facial, acne facial and paraffin facial. Manicure refers to dealing with hands and involves massages, cleansing and nail polish application. Pedicure, then again, alludes to dealing with feet and involve the same features as manicure.

Hair treatment is another significant need that is given by master beauticians. A progression of scalp and hair issues are addressed by beauty salon in Canada and can be as shifted as medicines for dryness, hair loss, frizzy ends, dandruff or dry scalp.

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Greeniche Natural Health Presented a Unique South-Asian Instrumental Version of O’Canada 2018

In 2017; Canada 150 – Greeniche Natural Health presented a unique
South-Asian instrumental version of O’Canada, which became an instant hit. This year, the company aimed to go even higher. Nine instruments Players and eight vocalists from the multicultural community of Canada, and the brilliant music composer Farrukh Abid came together to create yet another beautiful gift for our homeland, our beloved Canada. Presenting O’Canada 2018.

#CanadaDay #Anthem #GreenicheNaturalHealth #Canada #TrueNorth

The Greeniche Difference:

Greeniche Natural Health is not just another manufacturer of consumer healthcare products; Greeniche aims to serve the multicultural communities across Canada like no other company has done yet. Not only that all the Greeniche products are manufactured right here in Canada at a facility licensed by Health Canada, but these are certified HALAL, KOSHER, and VEGETARIAN formulas, suitable for every Canadian regardless of any dietary restrictions or preferences.

Greeniche Stevia is the World’s best tasting formulation and Flavorall is the only alcohol-free, water-based flavored liquid stevia on the market.
Naturalene is a 100% natural daily skincare product for the whole family.
NBF Gingival is the world’s most advanced natural treatment for oral diseases and is preferred by dental professionals in more than 30 countries around the globe.

About our Company:

Greeniche Natural Health is a Canadian company which has emerged within a short span of time as one of the most trusted names in the healthcare market. Today, Greeniche Natural Health is one of the leading suppliers of multivitamins and health supplements in Canada, to all major pharmacy chains in all provinces.

Greeniche Natural Health is also very active in supporting the local communities in initiatives related to art, culture, sports, and social development and is already seen as a responsible corporate citizen.
With an uncompromised commitment to quality and ethics, Greeniche Natural Health continues its journey towards a bright and prosperous future for itself and its partners.

Natural Skin Products with Plant Extracts and Vital Nutrients

Do your cleanser, confront wash, sunscreen lotion and cream contains synthetic and chemicals? Most ladies are unconscious of the way that cosmetic manufacturing organizations use synthetics and animal extracts for making beauty products. They purchase items that are promoted most. In any case, some health conscious ladies purchase just natural skin products. These products contain plant extracts and mineral found in nature. Skin is the hardest piece of human body as it withstands everything from hard water to sunshine and from dust to grime. Skin has pores that enable natural air to enter in the body however soil stops up these pores. Chemical rich face wash cleans dirt and opens the pores but it also harms the pores. Ladies often wash their face with ordinary face wash and along these lines they hurt their skin continuously.

Use clean chilly water to wash your face and use a hard water filter in your restroom with the goal that you get crisp water each time you open the tap. For cleaning your face, pick confront wash that contains no irritants and synthetic substance. While picking your face wash, take a gander at the pressing and discover the ingredients. The ingredients should be plant names. On the off chance that you discover chemical instead of plant extracts then it’s smarter to change the brand. Beauty comes from inside and not outside. For a glowing skin, you need to eat healthy diet and receive a peaceful way of life. Your skin would get supplements from your body. Your only job is to keep your face clean with the goal that the skin pores are not clogged. It is the stopped up pores that cause irritation, itching and dead skin. Cells that don’t get outside air die an unnatural death and accumulate on the surface.

Natural skin products could serve every one of your articles from cleaning to opening the skin pores and from supplementing vital nutrients to the skin to repairing the harmed tissues. The best piece of these goods is they are available at affordable costs and they could be purchased from online stores.

Start Online Business With The Accurate eCommerce Platform

The ecommerce industry has shown an astounding development over the globe. During the early periods of ecommerce, there were only a bunch of online stores that would convey at particular areas. But with the rapid growth of ecommerce, several entrepreneurs have converted their business thoughts into the real world. Alongside the improved logistics and payment channels, the ecommerce business would now be able to go past the outskirt. On the off chance that you are one of those entrepreneurs planning to advance into the universe of ecommerce, at that point you have to start by picking an ecommerce platform. It is the first and the hugest advance where you can’t stand to commit any error.

Is the Platform Scalable?

Your business can advance with time which means that having a future-ready platform is a necessity. Hence, it is dependably a decent decision to pick a stage that can meet the present business objectives as well as ends up being a decent decision for the long run. The ecommerce platform should give you a chance to deal with the requests of the growing traffic. A scalable platform prevents your site from getting slow or unresponsive when high volume movement is available on the site. Hence, it is basic to guarantee that the stage you pick is versatile to meet your business needs.

Does it Provide Security?

Security can be expressed as the primary concern with regards to online business. The internet is full of intruders attempting to take the classified information. Guaranteeing the security of the classified points of interest of the clients during online transactions is a must. The payment details like, similar to credit/ debit card number and passwords should all be encoded with the goal that it is of no use regardless of whether somebody figures out how to get hold of these subtle elements. Any loopholes in the security gave by the ecommerce platform can influence the clients to lose their trust and influence the offers of your online store. Henceforth, you should go for a platform that keeps up a protected situation while processing online transactions.

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An Open Letter to Stripe & its Founders

As a payment gateway, your company has severely let us down.

We have been loyal customers for over a year, put our faith, trust and money into your business and what have we received in return? Poor service, incessant lies and victim blaming.

I run a company that sells construction material and instruments across Canada, and it was my mistake to use Stripe as our primary payment pathway. It is so evident that you lure in customers through your misleading marketing campaigns and you deliver service way short of what is promised.

Your slogan, ‘Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. ‘ hides the fact that Stripe is a hub for individuals with stolen credit cards, fake IDs and disputes that remain unresolved. Stripe’s payment gateway is helpless and facilitates fraudulent transactions, all while keeping it’s loyal customers in the dark and conveniently passing on the liability. My question to you is: Why does Stripe charge for services it simply cannot deliver? Why is Stripe hiding the fact that it partakes in fraudulent transactions? Why is Stripe targeting its loyal customers?

In our case, we completed everything that was necessary for the fulfillment process. I have outlined this process for you:

  1. Order Generation: An online order was generated from our website. My company focuses on selling branded construction tools, the same ones sold by Home Depot and several other sites.
  2. Payment Confirmation: We received a Stripe confirmation on a legitimate transaction, with a Stripe ID on the transaction itself.
  3. Order Re-Verification: Our team called and verified based on the order details provided by Stripe. This was an extra safety step we initiated on our own. The number and address was verified in each case before the shipment was made.
  4. Generate Shipment Receipt: A customer invoice (print copy) was generated
  5. Preparing the Shipment: The shipment was prepared for the delivery service. This was done at a delay of 3-5 days from the initial transaction process.
  6. Courier Manifest: The shipment was picked and courier manifest was filed for the address verified on the order and confirmed by the Stripe Payment Gateway.
  7. Delivery Receipt: The confirmation of receiving of package was received.

The above steps took 5 to 7 days and during this period there were NO red flags raised by Stripe. We believed everything was going smoothly.

We were wrong.

May I ask, what is the possible responsibility that my company has to take when this process was completely facilitated by Stripe? Stripe should be held liable of the payment processing methods, I mean why else do you charge a fee per transaction? It is Stripe’s responsibility to inform us about any and ALL red flags in order to prevent any fraudulent transactions from taking place. What your company has failed to do is to process all the payments and to highlight all the disputed transactions, even though it is clearly quoted in your terms of service which I have outlined below. Whose fault is this? This is due to negligence from Stripe and now the burden is on my company to repay all of our disputed funds. What’s better is that Stripe now wants us to ‘take our business elsewhere!’ Unbelievable.

Quoted below is the terms of usage that states all of the above mentioned:

From your terms of usage para: d. Fraud Risk:

your Stripe Account, unless such losses result from Stripe’s willful or intentional actions. Further, you will fully reimburse us for any losses we incur that result from the use of lost or stolen credentials or accounts.

We may also provide you with Data regarding the possibility or likelihood that a Transaction may be fraudulent. We may incorporate any subsequent action or inaction by you into our fraud model, for the purpose of identifying future potential fraud. You understand that we provide this Data to you for your consideration, but that you are ultimately responsible for any actions you choose to take or not take in relation to such Data.


Fastening House Atlantic is looking for a complete refund of its $13,738.40 CAD from Stripe within one business week. If Stripe fails to do so, we will have no option but to turn all our effort and energy towards claiming those funds. We live in an #MeToo era and social media has given everyone enough power to take up a just cause. It is time Stripe’s multi-layered terms of usage and privacy policy is scrutinized the same way Facebook’s was. It all starts from a small trigger point!

We have taken the responsibility of shortlisting where we will voice our disputes. In our opinion,  Stripe harbours fraudulent credit cards and all merchants, people looking to sell online and e-commerce startups should be aware of this. We have already gathered all of our transaction trial and will simply to call and email our sources in a variety of media channels about the scam Stripe is facilitating.


Media Outlets

  • News Talk 1010
  • 680 News
  • CBC
  • Toronto Star

Reviews from all our customers about Stripe


We will further complain to the following agencies:

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments

Small Claims Court-Halifax and Ontario





Please note that our objective here to safeguard our hard earned revenues. We are not interested in any further claim even though the time, effort and nuisance this has caused adds up to much more.

Emailed to:


Buy discounted mobile phone prices in NEW ZEALAND!

If you are not on Integra and any other social site, you are admittedly on feet backward. You have got to get yourself on social sites as they say human is a social animal. Don’t you think life is all about indulging and dipping deeper in the stream of life? This is something we might try to avoid and get our hands busy in something we do not love to do but are compelled to do. Are you conflicted with such a situation?

To stave off boredom taking good of you, you are recommended to get away from active life and get on social site and share what you feel deep inside with the help of branded smart phones. Do not worry about mobile phone prices in NEW ZEALAND. You can get cheap mobile phones in Auckland now. Thanks to online shopping stores, it is no longer a dream to buy a smart phone. Unlike past, the prices of the products have been lowered considerably now. If you are looking forward to buying a branded smart phone, all you have to do is to go online and find a store that sells the best phones on discounts.

Great specs, better camera mobile phone prices in NEW ZEALAND, this is within affordability of everyone. When shopping online, there are good chances that you will be rewarded with excellent packages as well.

In the end, to avail affordable and cheap mobile phones in Auckland, take a look at different phones before finalizing a phone.

Mobile phones area unit a necessity of late. They’re one among the foremost important components of standard of living. There area unit numerous edges hooked up to the mobile phones:

Communication facility: Mobile phones keep you connected in the slightest degree times. Where you’re, you’ll sit down with everybody with ease. These mobiles allow us to inform our close to and pricey ones of being late if not reaching direct time. Mobiles may be accustomed begin the spoken language anyplace – in trains, on mountains and on roads.

Mobiles relax users: Mobiles area unit used as nice entertainers. Users will relax the person by shift on to favorite music station and acquire on with favorite music. Most mobiles area unit accessible with FM and music player facility. Several mobiles have music specific edition for higher enjoyment. Music system allows being attentive to favorite songs where and whenever attainable. Users needn’t disturb the fellow-persons just by work on to headphone.

Net property: internet connectivity allows causing of emails and push mails. Users will flick through information superhighway conjointly. Latest mobile phones have the power to transfer songs, ringtones, and flicks for viewing.

Operating systems: it’s attainable to use the mobile as software system wherever some mobiles double-up as computers in addition. Others have hand-writing recognition facility whereas some have bit screen that allows choosing choices through fingers or special pen.

About the Author:

Rick Mark is head of digital marketing at Starlinks – A design agency auckland. The business has been offering complete web design, and  website hosting nz for small and medium businesses in New Zealand.


Buy Paintings Online It Is time

Probably the most attractive pieces of art that people make are oil paintings. Regardless of our identity or where we’re from, we as a whole have one commonality, we as whole love pretty things. People collect various kinds of things in their attempt to fill their life with beauty. Some even purchase paintings online. There is good news for those who wish to purchase paintings online in light of the fact that anybody can do it! There are oil paintings to suit any style or budget. On the off chance that you will invest a little exertion you will have the capacity to locate the ideal oil painting online for your individual situation.

You Should Buy Paintings Online

I could give you many reasons that you should purchase paintings online. However, I will just say a couple of here. The main reason is that oil paintings are exceptionally lovely. Indeed, even an eye that is untrained in the arts can appreciate a fine oil painting. Indeed, even little galleries of oil paintings can take a few days to completely investigate. It doesn’t make a difference if the exhibition is on a road corner or online, each painting draws you in and entices you to stop and look. Oil paintings can be an awesome ice breaker at parties. Everybody loves to recount the account of how they came to be the proud owner of such a lovely piece of art. Try not to stress over exhausting your visitors, even people who are not very interested in art can be captivated by a single piece in the event that it addresses them.

So Much to Choose From When You Buy Paintings Online

Shopping for an oil painting online can be exhausting because of the amazing selection that is out there. Each artist is a person and in addition the majority of their works. In the event that you invest enough effort you will have the capacity to locate the ideal oil painting for your own style. Two examples of style are impressionism and realism. In impressionistic oil paintings the artist doesn’t paint the world as it is.

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How to Prevent from Cancer Through Supporting Treatment

Moringa has been shown in studies to have an anti-tumor capacity. Moringa contains benzyl isothiocyanate. There are many studies that have shown this chemical and mixes derived thereof to have anti-cancer and chemoprotective abilities. This chemoprotective perspective is basic for those who are battling cancer; this helps strengthen cells with the goal that they can tolerate chemotherapy.

Moringa Oleifera has different qualities which make it a decent compliment to a cancer prevention or treatment plan. It contains a huge measure of nutritional content; Moringa Oleifera contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which are basic for good health. It is stacked with calcium, press, potassium, protein, Vitamin A and C, and many more properties which advance a solid body that has the devices to battle cancer. It is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-allergenic, and pain relief uses. It has also been put to use to fight a variety of infections.

This unfathomably valuable tree has grown popular recently because of its capacity to help maintain populaces that have generally been laden with nutritional issues. It has a tendency to grow in areas where access to food and clean water are more complicated. The successes that many have had with Moringa Oleifera in promoting good health in probably the most devastated zones have leaded many scientists to look at its properties closely. It is fast emerging as a means to prevent cancer. It is also gaining notoriety as an item which helps cancer patients who are currently undergoing pharmaceutical treatment.

Quarreling cancer is over outfitting your body with the tools to battle each day. While drug therapies are very useful in this fight, it is also that normally happening dietary choices are used as well. Total health will give a cancer patient the endurance to fight the malady with full energy. The counter tumor properties in Moringa Oleifera will be of special interest to cancer patients. Also, for those undergoing chemotherapy, the chemoprotective properties related with this brilliant plant will empower the patient to stand strong when using chemotherapy to battle cancer.

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Don’t You Want To Avail Mobile Phone Prices In Las Vegas?

While people are looking for affordable, branded mobile phone prices in Las Vegas, the debate has gone fast forward to questioning where the ongoing unending pool of smart phones is a complete myth. What are these branded smart phones companies are trying to achieve from recurrent releases and launches of smart devices and gadgets? Is it not stinging of a top-secret conspiracy? One may argue with sound evidence that brands are trying to overwhelm the choices of the people and teenagers in particular in order to push generations back? Alright, doesn’t it sound convincing argument?

Alright all theory prophets, get off this argument. For sure, nothing like that vicious conspiracy is being hatched and plans cooked to topple your head. Rather, want for better, affordable, top-notch and latest mobile phones in Las Vegas is on the hook. By the way, your virulent mind-set is to be appreciated but it would be far better off to drive your energy in other positive direction. To tell you truth, the actual debate going on is whether you have to get hands on 4G technology or retain 3G and be contented with it.It goes without saying that advancement is loved and cherished by everyone. So, why not dip in 4G now?

Dipping in water of 4G, you will be highly likely to experiment new vista of technology. Not only faster internet but also accessibility and speed areincreased manifold in order to save your time and effort.However, the shoe pinches when you are planning to get on it. It requires some money? Are you ready spare? Little investment can get you latest mobile phones in Las Vegas.Here is a tip for you. Look, you do not want to be left on the lag as it is a matter of prestige; so sell off old phone and add some money to get 4G at affordable mobile phone prices in Las Vegas.

In the last but not the least, the recently launched mobile phone prices in Las Vegasare available in compact designs and with bigger displays. All you have to do is go through list of these latest brands to choose one.

Mobile phones square measure a necessity recently. They’re one in every of the foremost very important elements of daily life. There square measure numerous edges connected to the mobile phones:
Communication facility: Mobile phones keep you connected in the least times. Where you’re, you’ll seek advice from everybody with ease. These mobiles allow us to inform our close to and expensive ones of being late if not reaching place time. Mobiles may be accustomed begin the oral communication anyplace – in trains, on mountains and on roads.

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Rick Mark is head of digital marketing at Leopard Sol – A corporate web design. The business has been offering complete web design, and custom logo design services for small and medium businesses in USA.


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