There are several things that come to mind when a person thinks of “high performance”, including high performance tires, turbocharged engines and improved exhaust system. Consider APR, (which has been in business since 1997 and is a 36,000-square-foot automotive engineering firm in Alabama), defining, “Enhancing the driving experience without compromise.” APR’s mission is to provide high-performance, high-quality products for many vehicles and automakers, including Volkswagen. Some of the vehicles include VW Jetta, Golf, Polo, Scirocco, CC, Polo, Beetle, Eos, Passat, Tiguan, Touareg and Sharan. Those are many of the APR models can fool you with their high performance products.

You may be curious as to what types of high performance product you can get from this specialty firm. Keep reading below for a few:

1: ECU Recalibration: The main thing many people think of when they think of high performance is cars with a turbocharged engine. Two of the cars that qualify for this engine upgrade by APR is the Jetta and the Golf, but be assured that control and safety are not sacrificed. Actually, the ECU engine upgrade recalibrates the control strategy of the engine, which increases pressure, air fuel ratios and enhances timing to give you extra power. The Golf and or the Jetta with this upgrade will boost their horsepower to 130 and the torque to 176 lbs. per foot. Other VW models can also get some engine upgrades through APR also.

2: RSC Exhaust: Another high performance product offered by APR is the “Reflective Sound Cancellation,” or RSC exhaust. Most people will never associate the exhaust system as a high performance product for vehicles, but this system will help vehicle such as the Jetta to perform even more efficiently as well as add to its creature comforts. To be specific, this produce maximizes the exhaust gas flow and stops noise in the cabin of the vehicle. Fact is that APR says that every muffler is made to stop any sounds, which will also improve the performance of the engine.

3: Anti-Sway Suspension Bars: Obviously, great suspension goes a long way. Another APR high performance product offered on the CC model are the anti-sway bars that will reduce the car’s body roll while increasing the slip angle. Although this product was first created for those who race, many people will not do this on their VW CC. These bars will both reduce the vehicles weight and increase the rigidity, to give the occupants a safer and lighter vehicle.

4: Performance Braking: This high performance product was first developed by Volkswagen Racing UK and distributed to APR. Due to being proven on the track, it is not ready for your VW with features like maximized brake pads, brake calipers, brake rotors and interlocking hub spacers and carrier calipers inside the braking system. Even the brake lines were not left out of the improvements and add to the stopping power, gives you a more comfortable and smoother ride and enhances acceleration. Although the system was first developed for the race track, it is still applicable for street driving.

The high performance of Volkswagen Canada are only a few of the enhancements you can get from APR that can maximize your VW or SUV’s performance.