Oetiker is a huge global leading manufacturer of clamps, fasten hoses, pipes, clamp tools, pneumatic fittings and many other useful tools. Consumers can feel safe when they see the name Oetiker on a product as they can know that it was produced and manufactured with care. Oetiker produces cutting edge technology for all connecting products a customer would need. The clamps and couplings are produced with high quality and are very reliable. This is a quick brief description of the four main products that Oetiker manufacturers.

  • Clamps & Rings: Oetiker manufacturers 6 key types of clamps. Ear Clamps, Low Profile Clamps, Special Clamps, Screw & Universal Clamp, Twin Clamp and Multi Crimp Rings. Each one of these six types has many choices and sizes to choose from. They also manufacturer several types of clamp kits that have a variety of clamps and rings that might be needed for a job.
  • Intallation Tools: For installation Oetiker manufacturers test equipment to calibrate the closing force and ensure safety. Oetiker also makes manual closing tools, electronically pincers, cordless pincers and swaging tools.
  • Quick Connectors: Oetiker manufactures many various sized connectors that are made of solid strength and can handle being used over and over.
  • Couplings: Oetiker manufacturers swing couplings, quick action couplings, stainless steel couplings, interchangeable and non-interchangeable couplings. All of their couplings are made with great strength, safety and ability to handle rough conditions.

In conclusion when one is looking for a repair and needing clamps, couplings or connectors Oetiker is a manufacture that one can feel safe with.

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