The face of the corporate world has undergone a radical change in the recent past, and survival in such a dynamic environment requires soft skills. The term soft skills became prevalent in the 1990s. Many CEOs of major multinationals believe that every professional should have 25% technical skills and 75% soft skills. In 2002, HR managers at various IT companies required their software engineers to have an unusual skill set that includes intercultural sensibility, presentation skills, communication skills (business and verbal), listening skills, etc. . technical knowledge.

Why do you need soft skills?
While the flawless technical skills of the candidates help them to get the best of the salary packages; But soft skills help them gain the respect and goodwill of the client. Some factors that advocate the importance of having soft skills repertoire include:

Soft skills help to effectively use technical knowledge
The mixture of positive attitude and a pleasant personality can be gained by learning soft skills
Soft skills improve the way you interact with bosses and co-workers
Soft skills cultivate favorable character traits

What all comes in soft skills set?
In earlier times, the list of those who had to have a desirable candidate included only degrees and knowledge. However, a paradigm shift is witnessed in the contemporary work culture that has renovated the laundry list of essentials, which has to be owned by a candidate. The demanding work environment requires candidates to have more than a necessary set of technical skills. Types of soft skills sought in a candidate today include:

Excellent communication skills
Active Listening Skills
Problem solving skills
Active Learning Skills
Ability to be a complete professional
Time Management Skills
Skills to be an excellent team player
Abilities for thinking critically
Leadership skills
Skills to handle difficult situations

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