It’s about time you let go of that typical, packaged Spain travel to cities namely Barcelona and Madrid. Indeed, they’re charming but Spain Golden Visa is your cue to try something more exciting!

Travel enthusiasts and locals say that Palma is more than just an entry to the amazing beach resorts of Mallorca. It’s dynamic and Balearic’s capital featuring stylish restaurants, distinct architecture and bars, each boasting a touch of Gothic and Moorish culture.

If you’re lucky to have Spain Golden Visa, don’t just fly in and out of Palma but care to stay.

Where to start from?

La Seu is the city’s gigantic and eye-catching sandstone cathedral. Like forever bathed in golden sunshine, you’ll find the place totally appealing as it dominate the town’s central. The spiky columns and ramparts make it a gothic masterpiece seen best from the outside.

The exterior is a perfect picture of Atlantis since the structure rises up from the water that announces a city conquered by the Christians. The most stunning feature are the stone seats along the old city wall right at the base of the old city wall where you can experience sunbath and astonishing view.

From the heart of the Old Town rise pedestrian streets begging a typical hobo or even local to explore Palma entirely.

The Royal Palace of La Almudaina is another best place to explore with a Spain Golden Visa with the architecture representing Gothic-Moorish combo.

The Arabian baths and state apartment complexes used by the king on particular occasions is home to contemporary sculptures and promise breath-taking views of the Palma.

Move with the pace of the city’s street life wherever the flow takes you which is usually north towards the dreamy cafes of the Plaça Major.

The laidback neighbourhood of Sa Gerrería is deemed as the east which is perfect for peace lovers who like to rediscover themselves and get a meaning out of life!

Something innovative

The architecture here, even after centuries remained intact! La Seu offer visitors an exclusive chance to walk on the roof during the late 2016 whereas summer is the best time to explore the city. With more than 200 steps to ascend, this isn’t the place for faint-hearted. The track would take an hour to complete as you pass along the bell tower and rose window.

More to see

Palma is the best spot for foodies where there’s plenty to tantalise your taste buds as well as dig in some of the best sights; a worthy combo experienced best with Spain golden visa. Walk along the palm-lined walkway with a backdrop of pure golden sands at Platja de Palma; one of the best beaches also famous to take sunbath.

To drench in some culture, Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró is the best place which is also home and workplace of the famous artist, Joan Miró from 1956 to 1983. The site is vast and features several studios with engraved workshops paying homage to Miró.


With so much to see and do in Palma, there’s no point waiting for Spain Golden Visa! Apply today to explore this wondrous city in all its glory during summer.