Nuts and bolts are all too often taken for granted, however they are literally what is holding together many of the items we use! While a vast majority of tasks use standard sized fasteners, there are still some jobs that just cant be done with off the shelf products.

Most people wouldn’t even know where to begin to look for custom designed and manufactured fasteners. This article is designed to introduce you to the world of custom fasteners and how you can have your very own custom nuts and bolts made to suit whichever task you may be working on.

One of the most common uses for custom fasteners would of course be for custom designed machinery, or other devices. If something has been specially designed for a very specific niche task, ready made fasteners may not be suitable. In addition to this, custom built parts may be required for concept models, before they are put into full production elsewhere. In both cases, custom fasteners are often the only option.

Another very common use for custom fasteners is reproductions of nuts and bolts, which may now be out of production. This can prove especially useful for hobbyists and restorers who specialise in refurbishing old vehicles and other equipment.

While all custom manufacturers are different, they will all generally offer the choice of the following materials for your custom fasteners: Stainless steel, high tensile steel and mild steel. Each of these materials has its own unique properties and advantages. If you are unsure which of these will best suit your needs, you should consult with a manufacturer of custom fasteners – after all, they are the experts!