The Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)& its effect on worker’s productivity

Since we’re living in the digital world, most of the work in organisations is performed on computers. Employers who perform long hours of work while constantly staring at the screen often complain about tired eyes, strain in the eye, aching muscles and other such symptoms associated to the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). You’d be surprised to know that CVS also results in loss of productivity and making unwanted errors in work.

If yours is a company, it’s worth noting that studies have concluded that workplace profit can be increase if employees are provided with vision care benefits and computer glasses, it also reduces the likelihood of errors and disability excuses that otherwise would’ve sound too unrealistic at times.

CVS: Is it a real problem at work?

As per the American Optometric Association (AOA), vision related anomalies are the most frequent health complaints among the computer users at work. Studies have concluded that around 90% computer users suffer from visual abnormalities associated with CVS.

The symptoms include dry eyes, blurred and double vision, eye strain and irritation. Since computers and digital devices are now a mainstream at workplaces, computer vision syndrome is becoming more common and a major public health concern.

AOA also reported that a survey of ophthalmologists revealed that approximately 10-million eye exams are conducted annually in the U.S. following vision anomalies linked with computer use.

Worker’s productivity & CVS

Another study was performed to determine the relationship between computer users and their workplace productivity. Concluding results were;

  • A direct correlation between efficiency and proper vision correction. The association is evident in particular with repetitive and complex tasks executed on computers such as manual data entry.
  • A direct correspondence of proper vision correction and total time of a computer user in executing a task. When users wear glasses with less than optimum prescription, the computer tasks took much longer to perform.
  • Significantly reduced productivity among the computer users who were totally unaware of having vision anomalies. Small refractive errors are often unnoticed and don’t give any visual discomfort among the computer users. However in the long run, the performance on a specific task suffers considerably.


Computer eyewear & the outcome

As per a research, economic benefit to employers catering to computer eyewear is determined by calculating the average productivity gain among the computer users for approximately 12 months and dividing the obtained by the cost of eyewear. In case productivity has been improved by 10%, cost savings would be greater than twofold. Programmes on computer vision benefit can significantly add economic value for companies with larger number of computer-using employees. Results revealed;

  • Providing computer vision care to every worker even those who aren’t experiencing any CVS symptoms can tremendously boost efficiency and cost savings for employers.
  • Potential reduction or complete elimination of musculoskeletal anomalies primarily caused by the computer-associated vision problem.
  • Greatest benefit is for computer users dealing with electronic designs and engineering, Computer-Assisted Design (CAD)as well as other detailed visual work.
  • Computer vision benefits programme also reduces the likelihood of workers claiming compensation for vision anomalies.

Tips to Clean the Cleaning Tools

Floors cleaned, Check. Vacuuming, Check. You might be able to put a check on every household cleaning chore. But how about cleaning the cleaning tools. This is probably where most of us miss out. Keep in mind, just because the tool is being used for cleaning doesn’t mean that it’s self-cleaning. If you don’t maintain and clean your tools on the regular basis, they are quite likely to harbor dirt, bacteria, debris and odors.

Here’s a great tip! The better you can maintain you these cleaning tools, the longer they’ll perform. Consequently, you’ll be spending the less on buying the new one to replace.

Therefore, we’ve come up with an amazing guide to disinfecting and maintaining the cleaning tools. So let’s dive in;

Cleaning Brush

It’s imperative to clean your cleaning brushes as they can harbor a ton of bacteria and debris. Here’s the easiest way to do that. Pick some old pen and start riding it in between the brush so that you can fetch out any hair or debris that you find in there.

Oxy Power Technique

Fill the sink or maybe some bucket with warm water and add 1 ½ cup of oxy powder in it. Stir it well to dissolve and add your tools in that solution. This will not only break the bond between dirt and the tool but also it will whiten, deodorize and disinfect.

Make sure that you leave the tools to soak for about an hour and leave them to dry. Be mindful that the brushes need to be cleaned after every use and monthly as well.


First of all, sponges are good at absorbing. The dark side of this good quality, they provide a perfect breeding ground for all the bacteria and bad odors.  To wash it, maybe you can consider putting it in a dishwasher. But if you are not placing it on the sanitized cycle, you aren’t accomplishing anything and not exactly cleaning your sponge. So instead I offer you.

Here’s what you need to do;

  • Rinse your stones well and soak it.
  • Otherwise, you can also microwave your sponge
  • To do that, just rinse the sponge under your faucet with a bit of dish soap.
  • Make sure you remove any food stains and debris before cleaning it.
  • Place your sponges soaking wet in a bowl and microwave that for 3-minutes
  • Then simply remove the ball when it cools and takes the sponge out.

Don’t miss this out. Sponges need to be replaced after some time especially when that scrubby side starts to flatten or wear down. Therefore, the experts from reputable Dubai cleaning company suggest that your average sponge should be cleaned weekly and replaced monthly.

Cleaning Cloth

When it comes to cleaning clothes, you come across so many types. To clean them, you simply put them in the laundry.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind. When you use the regular cloth like rags roll, T. shirts, cotton towels, etc. You can go hard on them like washing on the hottest cycle using regular detergent, no problem. You can also add 1-Cup baking soda to regular detergent to brighten and deodorize that cloth.

On the other side, the microfiber cloth is a whole new chapter. They’re meant to hold an electrostatic charge so if they’re washed with fabric softener, and it goes in the garbage. Therefore, make sure to rinse your cloths remove debris first. And place them in a delegate’s bag, wash them alone or with other towels.


Do you want to discover some tips about cleaning the cleaning tools effectively? Just check out the article now


Mobile app development – Answering the most asked questions

Mobile app development nowadays is one of the first priorities for many businesses in today’s digital landscape. It takes substantial research and strategic planning to bring an app in market and the process begins by answering many different questions. Careful understanding of the following queries would surely help in taking a decision for an appropriate mobile strategy.

Is a mobile website acceptable?

When choosing between a mobile app and website, the aright decision depends on the core business objectives. If your goal is offering mobile-friendly content and solution to the mass out there, mobile website is the way to go. Mobile websites are economical in delivering usable content to the audience however; quality and functionality mustn’t be compromised. Factors like micro images, lack of essential details, load time and availability of the network, all can raise problems if users struggle while interacting with the brand.

How to validate the app’s idea?

The process of validating an app idea can be executed in three ways namely; Proof of Concept (PoC), Minimum Viable Product (MVP)and Prototype. These are the quickest and most cost-effective ways of authenticating a product and besides validation;added benefits include stimulating fresh ideas and areas of improvement, involvement if client and stakeholder to make sure the entire app development team collaborates in achieving overall goal throughout the project’s lifespan.

If you wish to increase the product’s success and enhance its launch, executing one or all the three steps would definitely help in avoiding common mistakes and faulty apps. Each method, even when executed individually is beneficial only if done properly and your app development in Dubai is likely to win stakeholders, test key business concepts and validate marketability appropriately.

How to profit from the app?

Mobile app monetisation model here is imperative for the success of app and equally, can be detrimental to the overall user experience if you choose the wrong strategy. Various factors are considered in selecting the right app model but you need to establish a sound monetisation strategy. Business objectives would dictate the approach that your product would employ.

The least is considering what the app actually does and how it can solve a particular problem, long-term service and reason of the app’s existence and all such details are considered. The most common strategies to app monetisation are;

  • Advertising
  • Pay per download
  • In-app purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Free trials

Should you outsource the mobile app development?

When just beginning with app development, there’s a lot to consider such as outsourcing the process which asks for significant experience and expertise, early adopter of the new trends, technologies and flexibility.

The demand for mobile apps is rising every year whereas internal IT teams are unable to keep up with the pace of rapid technology shifts and meeting the demands. If your company already has many internal projects lined up one after another, outsourcing the development is perhaps the wisest option to ensure appropriate prioritisation of the project.


Many different questions are considered with mobile app development but the above are prioritised mostly!

Greeniche Presents Renowned International Painter and Social Worker Jimmy Engineer’s Work

Jimmy Engineer Artist and Social Worker was born on 13th August 1954 in Balochistan, Pakistan. His Zoroastrian family could not have known then, that he would grow up to break all barriers of caste and creed, and truly define multi- ethnicity through his art and altruism.

It was in 1976 that he turned into a professional painter, his art pieces soon became expressions of truth and his images began to speak of his compassion for the people around him. Although an artist by profession, Jimmy’s life has revolved around supporting troubled individuals as well as helping institutions that deal with them.

His paintings have never failed to captivate several generations of art lovers in Pakistan and beyond its borders. His works of art are in private collections with friends, family and connoisseurs in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Italy, London, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Russia, Holland, Spain, Germany, Dubai, Jordan, India, China, Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, USA, South Africa, Pakistan. In fact  one  might  say  they are  in  almost  every  part  of  the world.

Jimmy is a prolific artist. He has over 3000 historical and architectural paintings and more than 1000 calligraphic works. Jimmy also has over 1500 drawings to his name, besides the   700,000   prints in private collection in more than 60 countries. He has held more than 80 art exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad.

Apart from his artistic prowess, Jimmy is also an avid Social Worker. He has led more than 100 walks for several noble causes and has arranged more than 140 awareness programs for handicapped and orphan children. For this,  Jimmy has received over 70 awards and medals in his long illustrious career since spanning over 4 decades, not only in his home country but also overseas. No other Pakistani Artist has been so honored.

For Jimmy, it is better to be a good human being than being a great artist.


CULTURES TRANSCENDING BORDERS SHEERWOOD DESIGN AND IMAGING invites you to an Art Exhibition of the world-renowned Artist Jimmy Engineer’s Limited edition canvas prints, on sale.

Opening Ceremony-INVITE ONLY

April 27, 2018 – 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The exhibition will remain open for general public viewing

April 28 & 29, 2018 – 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

MINDSHARE WORKSPACE, Erin Mills Town Centre, 5100, Erin Mills Pkwy Mississauga ON L5M 4Z5.

For more information:

Call: + 1 647-628-2681



How To Selecting Power Tools

These days, a wide range of different types of power tools can be found on the market, which can be used for various activities, regardless of whether you’re an expert or planning to work around the house. In any case, in the meantime, having too many options can some of the time trap people into feeling that they need to purchase more than they require, while others may wind up confounded about what they should get. Because of this, it may be perfect to have an understanding for what things do what and what may work best for you and the projects at hand. It can be a smart thought to set aside some opportunity to explore your options before you begin looking. Along these lines, you can ensure that you don’t buy something that you needn’t bother with. You might also be able to avoid picking up something that doesn’t work as well as a similar item, or that will break not long after you begin using it.

Having a clear understanding for basic brands can be very advantageous, particularly in case you’re new to getting them when all is said in done. This may also help you to figure out which ones may be best to evade, and which ones are known for working and holding up well, for example, with Bosch tools and Milwaukee tools among other popular brands. Generally, you can learn more about certain items by looking into things yourself, which should be possible in a few ways. One example is to do some research over the internet, which is typically loaded with data in regards to specific items, brands and projects. Customer-based reviews in particular can regularly prove to be useful, which can ordinarily be found on store sites, forums, or sites that focus on construction or renovation projects.

It’s very basic for people to swing to tasks that may not be well-known to them. The same can be said with regards to related bits of equipment that may be necessary for such tasks, for example, with drywall tools, which may also be new to a man. In situations like this, it can be perfect to inquire about also; with the goal that you can ensure that you get what is required.

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Your guide to buy tyres! The best time for replacement & care essentials

New tyres always come at the cost of more than just a few dollars but, it’s inevitable! Most of the people fail to realise that tyres are single and one of the most important safety feature on any vehicle since they’re the only connection between the road and the car. You’re at risk if you’ve been running away from purchasing the wheels.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should empty the pocketbook just for a new set of wheels. Tyre savings has to do more with the right timing than looking for something special or perhaps finding a cheaper counterpart. In many countries, tyres go on sale during the month of October for consumers to but before the change in weather.

The shift in climate during winter and summer impact the tyre performance with many other associated factors such as the type of road, driving style and road traction so on. When you buy car tyre in Dubai or anywhere around the world, here’s what you should pay attention to!

The right time to replacement

Every tyre comes with different tread rates whereas the standards also vary per the country. Before the said rate is achieved or the count falls below, tyre replacement is necessary which is crucial for safe driving, braking and overall vehicle handling.

That being said, replacement is absolutely necessary when the tread rate expires. A code is stamped on the side of the tyre which determines the tyre’s age. Just don’t wait for the sales when tyre replacement is concerned but do it for safety which is far more important than a few bucks.

Still, if you aren’t making any purchases now, October and April are the months when they go on sale.

Online purchase

With online buying, you’ll have a much bigger selection to choose from and there’re seasonal discounts, auctions and closeout deals during which tyre prices slides down significantly, including premium brands.

It also means you’ll have access to a local tyre shop where professionals can mount the tyres in a proper way which means smooth and safe driving all the way through. Such deals are lucrative for owners of trucks and SUVs but at times, can be a little problematic if yours is a smaller sports car.

Always save the receipt & warranty documents

If your current tyres are defective or perhaps wear out prematurely, manufacturers are likely to compensate on the next set. However, you will need to have the essential paperwork required for complaint. Some of the companies even offer additional coverage with the purchase while many different shops cater to free repairing of the flats and tyre rotations if you buy car tyre in Dubai from these vendors. Although initial cost wouldn’t save you too much, it can help with additional expenses later.

Buy used/second-hand tyres

Used tyres are inexpensive and that’s because of their shorter lifespan. And while you drive, you’ll find out that these aren’t completely round which factors to a lot of noise on the road or have some other defect. Although selling expired tyres is illegal, it happens and buyers should be careful!


Pay close attention to the above details the next time you’re making a tyre purchase, be it online or at a local shop.

Boncare Social Media Launch Event

Greeniche Natural Health launched Boncare (Ajwa Date Seed Powder) on social media with an interesting and lively event held at Hailed Coffee on Gerard Street in Toronto. Boncare is a unique presentation of Ajwa Date Seed Powder because in the Greeniche process, the seeds are not roasted during the production process, unlike other Ajwa Date Seed Powder formulations that roast the seeds first before converting to powder.

The benefits of Boncare are:

1- Antioxidant

2- High fiber

3- Cardio protective

4- Hepato protective

5- Nephro protective

6- Anti microbial, anti inflammatory and anti-tumour activities.


Boncare was used to produce cookies by the staff at the cafe, and Greeniche brand ambassador Annu Gaidu and nutritionist Laura de Sanctis were also present to introduce the brand to event attendees and bloggers.



Also invited were Sham Idrees and his crew. Sham Idrees is Canadian Pakistani Vloggers with over million followers on youtube. The Vlog that was created for the event for event has garnered over 240,000 views.
Watch now:


(Sham Idrees at the Boncare Social Media Event shooting a VLOG, while tasting cookies baked with Boncare)

Also present were lifestyle blogger (birdofbalance) and food blogger (girlsonaroll). Boncare can be purchased online from:


Five Unsung Manchester City Heroes This Season

It’s only a matter of time before Manchester City celebrate their 3rd Premier League triumph. They need only 9 points from their remaining 8 games to be mathematically sure of victory, and this is considering United win all their remaining matches.

City have absolutely blown away the playing field, winning 26 of their 30 games so far and losing just 1. They are arguably one of the greatest Premier League sides ever, and are favourites to beat past records such as highest numbers of wins, goals and points over the course of a Premier League season.

Pep Guardiola has built an incredible unit which is functioning like clockwork across every area. When we look back at the season, the likes of Kevin de Bruyne, Sergio Aguero and David Silva are going to take away most of the plaudits, and rightly so. They have been the lynchpins to a scintillating attack force, but there is more to Man City this season than that.

Here are 5 players who everyone won’t talk about everyday, but have been just as instrumental to City’s success this season:


image 1

One of the biggest weaknesses in the City side last season was their goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. He let in a lot of easy goals which cost him team dearly, after Guardiola had preferred his ball-playing style to that of the more traditional Joe Hart.

This season, they needed to find a replacement and got the best possible man for the job. EdersonMoraes arrived from Benfica for £35 million, making him the second most expensive goalkeeper of all-time after Gianluigi Buffon (most expensive in pounds sterling, second most in euros). He has fitted in like a dream, often playing a twelfth man with his calmness on the ball and passing abilities. Unlike Bravo though, he is also an excellent shot-stopper. Guardiola’s men have been able to build from the back, while also having the assurance of a solid wall in goal. Along with De Bruyne, Ederson is the only player to have each of the 30 Premier League games so far. He has certainly been one of the signings of the season, but unsurprisingly, will get overshadowed by players in other positions.

2) Nicolas Otamendi

Image 2

Following an error-strewn and shaky season, Man City’s defence came under a lot of criticism last season. Captain Vincent Kompany was absent for long periods through injury, and nobody took up the baton of leadership in his absence. This season, Otamendi has more than stood up to the task. He has played with several partners – John Stones, Kompany, EliaquimMangala and now AymericLaporte. The Argentine has been a solid rock and has also scored some very important goals, most notably the winner at Old Trafford in December. He is undoubtedly one of the standout players of the season at the Etihad.

3) Fernandinho

Image 3

One of City’s longest serving players, the Brazilian continues to consistently excel, without coming under the radar. The defensive aspect in central midfield has never been a cause for concern for the team, since Fernandinho signed from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2013. His unending energy and tenacity are huge assets to the team, even if they’re not appreciated in the mainstream.

4) Kyle Walker

Image 4

It was extremely important for City to replace long-standing right-back Pablo Zabaleta in the summer. The Argentine had been one of the team’s most potent attacking threats, in a system which saw the full-backs bomb forward and make overlapping runs in-behind. They got the perfect man for the job in Kyle Walker. Signed for a massive £50 million from Spurs, the Englishman had a lot of expectations to live up to. He has done a stellar job in his debut season, playing all but 2 games in the league and providing 6 assists. His endless running almost makes him an upgrade to Zabaleta in an attacking sense, even though he does sometimes display defensive frailties.

5) Leroy Sane

Image 5

The German has been absolutely brilliant for City this season, and is moving towards fulfilling his full potential. Arguably the most skillful player in the squad along with Raheem Sterling, his ghosting runs in-behind the defence have led to countless goalscoring opportunities. He is already an integral part of Guardiola’s system and at just 22, it is scary to think how much he can still improve. He has 12 goals in all competitions this season, a number he will look to add to next year. City have done a fantastic job in building a squad for the future, and Sane looks set to be a future superstar at the club.

Author Bio:

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What Are The Symptoms and Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is really a vitamin that dissolves in fats. We bring it into the body through sun rays, in addition to diet and supplements. Inside the living being, it can be found in various forms and every type of vitamin D includes a different activity. A few structures are relatively inactive in your body and also have limited capability to function as vitamins, kidneys and liver change over vitamin D into its active form.

Vitamin D inadequacy keeps on being, inside the current events, all the more frequently connected with bunches of sicknesses and disorders, various them can be very genuine, and much more frequently research has demonstrated a magnificent insufficient vitamin D impact on the appearance of cardiac arrest, stroke and in addition a few types of cancer.

Signs and Symptoms

The adjusted consumption of mineral and vitamin on standard major is basic for anyone to work effectively. There’s sufficient point by point data information online available regarding requirement for the supplements and do you know the mates of those supplements. For any healthy existence, every single one of these supplements should be eaten inside a balance diet.

The likely the most important vitamins for is vitamin D, and you also can certainly found if there are deficiencies in vitamin D in your body knowing the signs and side effects the signs and symptoms well. In any case, when these signs and symptoms won’t treat accurately can be very risky for you. The given are the easily recognize capable signs and side effects of deficient vitamin D signs and symptoms. In the event that a couple of the signs and side effects you found immediately visit the doctor and have a go at taking a few measures for handle it.

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